Scaling & Polishing

Scaling is “cleaning” of teeth, to remove plaque build-up, tartar deposits effectively cleaning the gums. Scaling is done with an ultrasonic cleaning device which vibrates on the surface of the teeth. Air polishing uses polishing powder that is used to remove surface stains, medium to heavy staining. Brush polishing is done with a cleaning paste to remove light staining.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Scaling and polishing only removes smooth surface stains. The fissures or grooved surface stains are difficult to remove. Cigarette stains can be removed with air polishing (surface).

No. Scaling and polishing only removes external stains. The tooth colour remains the same.

Starts from RM165 and can vary depending on the state of cleanliness of the teeth.

Advisable every 6 months. No. Scaling is a procedure done to preserve teeth and gums.

Scaling is done to remove plaque and tartar deposits. These deposits can eventually lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gums painful chewing and eventually tooth loss. These are the symptoms of gum disease. Therefore, in order to prevent gum disease scaling is done.

Routine scaling does not cause pain with minimal bleeding. But if the tartar deposits are thick and stubborn, discomfort is felt. Cases with thick or more tartar deposits lead to inflammation of gums and bleeding may occur during brushing as well as scaling.

Overall the mouth and teeth feel cleaner, fresher, brighter and healthier. However right after scaling transient sensitivity is felt, which lasts a short while. Gaps may be felt if the tongue is run on the surface of the teeth or in between the teeth. Sometimes slight mobility is also felt.

It is recommended to avoid staining food/beverages like curries, wine etc. for 24 hours. Also, it is best to avoid smoking for 24 hours after getting scaling done.