Health and Safety

How do we ensure that your health and safety is well protected at Pristine?

Infection Control

At Pristine, we have strict infection control procedures in place to ensure that health and safety are well protected. These include the following:

  • The use of protective equipment by dentists and dental assistants. These include gloves, masks, face shields and clean uniforms.
  • Patients are also protected with the use of protective eyewear and clean bibs whilst undergoing dental treatment.


dental infection control
  • The use of proper hand hygiene techniques using antimicrobial hand wash and alcohol hand rubs.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces such as the dental chair, dental light handles, X-ray machine and countertops after every patient.
  • Sterilization of dental instruments is carried out at our dedicated sterilization room. All dental instruments (excluding disposables) are scrubbed clean and then packaged in sterilization pouches. These pouches are then placed in a machine called an autoclave that sterilizes instruments using steam under pressure. Clean instruments are stored in cabinets until they are required for use.
  • Even the motorized hand pieces which we use to work on your teeth are cleaned and sterilized with a special, dedicated air and vacuum machine.
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  • The use of disposable items such as cups, bibs, saliva ejectors, needles and local anaesthetic cartridges also help to ensure that there is no transmission of germs from patient to patient.
  • The water traveling in the dental unit is filtered at two points and the water delivery system is routinely flushed through with disinfectant.
  • Proper waste management by ensuring needles and other sharp items are disposed of in special puncture-proof containers. Other contaminated waste is disposed of in special bags. A dedicated waste collection company collects all clinical waste at regular intervals.
  • Immunization of all our staff against transmissible diseases also helps to ensure their safety as well as yours.

Dedicated Handpiece sterilizer

Dealing with medical emergencies

Apart from taking a medical history from the patient, your dentist will also look out for other signs and symptoms that may identify any underlying illness that may affect the dental treatment.

Treating medically compromised patients and the elderly comes with its own risks. The dental team is trained and our practice is equipped to handle medical emergencies by providing basic life support and establishing a line of contact with emergency health care services.

Hazardous material

Biological waste
The practice makes it a point of disposing biological waste in a proper and safe manner in special containers.

Pristine is a mercury free practice and Amalgam is not used at all. We use alternative tooth colored material like composite resin and glass ionomer cements instead.

X-ray Radiation

Our practice complies with the strict regulations set down by the Ministry of Atomic Energy. There is a special X-ray room built to specification . The X-ray machine and film used is of contemporary technology where the amount of radiation is extremely low. In any case, a lead apron is also provided to further protect you. It is very safe to take several dental X-rays per year for diagnostic purposes.