Bruxism is the involuntary movement of the upper and lower teeth against each other that can either occur during the day or at night. It causes unnatural wear of the tooth surfaces.

The wear on your teeth can expose dentine causing sensitivity or even pain. It will wear out your back teeth affecting your chewing. It will also eventually shorten your front teeth and even change your smile and facial dimensions.

Common signs of Bruxism
  • Jaw pain, fatigue, sore teeth and gums
  • Headaches and pain of the muscles of the jaw
  • Tooth wear
  • Broken fillings and chipped teeth
  • Change in appearance, deep lines around the mouth/lips
How do we diagnose Bruxism?

By assessing how your teeth are worn, we are able to tell even the kind of movements that cause this damage. Based on this, we will decide either to monitor or to advise the use of a mouthguard. Usually pictures are taken for monitoring purposes and also to compare in the future if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is because the majority of the time, it happens while we are in deep sleep. Unless your grinding is very loud, even partners will not notice because they are also in deep sleep.

  • Stress
  • Unstable/unbalanced bite
  • Changes in lifestyle, nutritional habits or sleep problems

Never for sure, but a nightguard will at least prevent harmful damage to your teeth.

Takes some getting used to. Acceptance that the nightguard is a simple and effective way to stop damage to your teeth

Custom made using a specific mold of your teeth. Trimmed according the gum line and shaped to make smaller and more comfortable.

We can fabricate a soft splint that fits snugly and is comfortable to wear at night while you are sleeping. It costs RM500 to fabricate, and usually takes a day.