Dr. Priyanka Mahendru

From a tender age in her life Dr Priyanka realised that dentistry was her passion and has since embarked on a journey of creating happy smiles.

Dr Priyanka received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2015 from Penang International Dental College and has gone on to serve under the Ministry of higher education as a general dentist with focus on Paediatric Dentistry and care of children with special needs.

Her tender gentle touch and treatment skills coupled with a passion to ensure that every visit to the dentist is a positive experience, allowed her to excel in child behaviour management as well as carrying out effective dental treatment. She firmly believes that creating an environment of trust and care is vital during the first visit to the dentist, as it sets the tone for future dental routines.

Dr Priyanka is also an advocate of health education and has participated in multiple educational programs for children. Teaching a child the “What”, “Why” and “How” of dental hygiene is her forte. Dr Priyanka has also co-authored a chapter on “Ephebodontics – Adolescent Dentistry” in the “Textbook of Paedodontics for the use of future dental practitioners globally as part of the syllabus of dental schools.

Being a devoted mother, her time away from patient care is spent with her family. While wearing her dentist hat at Pristine and her mother hat at home, Dr Priyanka aspires to further her education and therefore increase her skill set in the field of Paediatric Dentistry that she holds dear.

Dr. Priyanka practices at the Mid Valley Megamall and Empire Subang branches.